Change printing color options to grayscale

This guide will assist you in changing printing color options on HP printers, please note the following illustrations may differ from what you would see but should guide you through the relevant steps.


  • For Venton printers, laptops/PC towers must be connected to Venton Centre internet network to change settings in AGE_UKN_HR_PRINTER and AGE_UKN_Services_Printer
  • For WSH printers, laptops/PC towers must be connected to WSH Age UK internet network to change settings in AGEUK_Iboro_WiFi


  1. In Windows Start Menu search bar, type "Printers & Scanners" and select the first option:
  2. Once the app is opened it will take you to system settings of "Printers & Scanners". From there you should be able to see the following printers that we are interested in this guide:printers.png
  3. Left-Click Age_UKN_HR_Printer, select "Manage", the following screen should appear:
  4. From the illustration above, select "Printing Preferences", the following screen should appear in few seconds, on this menu, navigate to color options: 7 HP preferences 1.jpg
  5. On the Color options, select "Print in grayscale" option so that the tick is marked:7 HP preferences.jpg
  6. Once selected, press "Apply" at the bottom of the menu followed by "OK" (marked in yellow):apply.png
  7. Once this has been done, test the color by printing a test page: test page.png
  8. Repeat the same process for the rest of the relevant printers.
  9. Advice the user that new printers are named as per pre-requisite and should be used as main printer devices.
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