Add/Remove users from Distribution List via Outlook app

This article will focus on how can you remove and add new users via distribution group to manage the people who you wish to reach out to when using an email address of selected distribution group.



  • You must be set as an owner of the distribution group by an IT administrator to manage the list of users.


1. To start with, open your Outlook app and press "New email" button to start new email.

2. On a new screen, press "To" button to open Global Address List. New screen should look similar to below:


Please note: Your list may be different from the one on the photo above.

3. In the search bar, type in the name or email address of the group you with to edit. Once found, select the group by pressing right-click mouse button and select "Properties". 


On a new appearing screen, you can see the display name, owner and list of current members for the group.


4. On a group information screen, select "Modify members..." button as highlighted above.

This will open a new screen, through which you can manage group members, add or remove them:



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