Starting a Remote Support Session

To start a remote support session, you'll either need an invite from Fuse, who will provide you with a download link, or you can download the QuickSupport app yourself, which will automatically provide the engineer with your session ID.

To download the QuickSupport app yourself, please use - this will download the QuickSupport application. Depending on which internet browser you are using, you will need to open/run the application once it's downloaded. Watch your browser carefully for the prompt - The example below is for the Edge browser (the default on Windows 10/11) and Mozilla Firefox users, next example is for the Google Chrome users:



You may also need to click "Yes" to a User Account Control Prompt.

After a few seconds, the QuickSupport will open, and display a session code in the middle. The engineer will be alerted that you are ready to connect after a few seconds, and will attempt to connect, which will require you to allow the connection.

If the engineer requires admin rights on the machine (e.g. to install software), they may reconnect with elevated permissions. In this case, the session will automatically end and restart, with the new permission level. 


Please note:

  • Your PC must be connected to the internet for the remote support session to take place
  • You must be present at the PC for the engineer to be able to assist you
  • Please ensure any other versions of Teamviewer are closed before attempting to use the Quicksupport app. 
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