SharePoint: Sharing a file or folder with someone outside of your organization

Please note: This article covers access management where appropriate organization level options are allowing sharing to external clients, in addition, you must have Owner or Member role on the site you wish to share folder from. If you cannot give access to an external user and receive an error message, please contact your on-site IT champion.

Important: Sharing a folder will also share any nested sub-folders, take great care when deciding to share folders. Adhering to the principles of Zero-Trust, Microsoft and Fuse highly recommend sharing as little data, with as few people as possible, then removing access once it is not required.

Head over to SharePoint site which stores the file or folder you wish to share and select "Documents" Section from right-hand side ribbon. Then select the folder or file you wish to share and right-click on it.

You should see a new menu appearing, select manage access:


In the new pop-up window, select "Grant Access" Icon:


In the new screen, enter the email of a user you wish to share the file or folder with, please note that "Notify user" is greyed out as notification must be sent, this will be completed via email notification. When entering an email which originates from outside the organization, you will receive a warning message notifying you that you are about to share with external user.

Shared external.png

By pressing on the pencil icon, you will be able to select different levels of access to the folder/file.

Can edit - Allows shared user to make full list of changes, including deleting items within folder, or delete the file if file was shared.

Can view - Will allow shared user to view all files within shared folder and download them, or view file if file was shared.

Can't download - User will be forced to view files via browser instead of desktop app, user still can take screenshots.

Shared external 2.png

Please note: Depending on your organization level policies, external users may receive an invitation where they will be required to first enter their email follow by a PIN sent to their email inbox before they are allowed to view the contents.

Wish to share with internal user? See our article on how to do so here

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