Outlook Desktop App is not syncing my Calendar

This knowledge base will guide you through an issue where your calendar in Outlook Desktop App does not display an accurate number of meetings/appointments than should be. Including, issues where you cannot see another users calendar meetings/appointments who already shared their calendar with you.

Please note: By default, you will not be able to see other users' calendar if they have not shared it with you or if there is a specific policy set by your IT administrator that prevents you from viewing other user/group calendars.

  • Close your Outlook Desktop App.
  • Use Microsoft Edge browser to navigate yourself to OWA (Outlook Web App). outlook.office365.com
  • Login to the account with an affected calendar.
  • Once logged in, you should be on the Outlook Web App page, on the left hand side ribbon, select the calendar icon. (Marked in yellow)Calendar_marker.png
  • Once on the calendar page in Outlook Web App, check if all of the available user/group calendars are ticked rather than unticked.





  • Once this step is complete with all of the calendars you would like to mark, re-open Outlook Desktop App.
  • Once Outlook Desktop App has opened, you should start to see synchronization progress starting for your calendar at the bottom footer ribbon of the application.Update_sign.png
  • Syncing might take few minutes if many calendars where selected, it may stop and start again. Once syncing is complete, review your calendar on the Outlook Desktop App and see if all of the calendars have synced and are ticket to allow you to view them.Tip: If you are trying to view another users' calendar, cross check with that user that the calendar displayed on your Outlook Desktop App, matches with their calendar.
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