Accessing your Zendesk account

If you use third-party apps that require single sign-on (SSO) with your work or school account, you should be aware of a change that Microsoft has made in May 2023. "Sign in with Microsoft" button will now only work for personal accounts, work or school accounts will need to use SAML SSO sign in (furthermore on this below).


You may already have noticed that on the sign in page of our Zendesk website Service Desk Portal, if you are using "Sign in with Microsoft" SSO button, it may not work or will be stuck in the loop and page asking you to sign in again, this would be due to the recent change made by Microsoft.

To allow you to access your account for any service request seamlessly, we've made a granular change:

Head over to our Zendesk support page: Service Desk Portal. From there, press on "sign-in" button as usual: 1.png

Once directed to the sign in page, you will notice a new "Continue with Microsoft Work Account" button, select this button and log in with your work account to re-access your account.


If this sign in method does not work, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to re-new your access.

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